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TA65 Auto Ship Discount

About TA-65®

TA-65® is a proven telomerase activator* that was discovered by California biotech company Geron, and licensed to T.A Sciences. Our clients take TA-65 capsules in a 12 month program known as the Patton Protocol. TA-65 turns on the hTERT gene* which activates the enzyme telomerase which can lengthen your telomeres. You can have your  telomeres measured before, during and after completing the Protocol to show actual changes in telomere length.

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Suzanne Somers new book: "Bombshell" Available in stores Tuesday - May 8th 2012 includes a chapter on TA-65 and discusses the significance of telomeres, telomerase activation. 65 year old Bombshell Suzanne Somers on her recent media tour has been speaking highly of TA-65.

Suzanne Somers takes TA-65

Please click this link to view
Suzanne Somers on Fox & Friends

she mentions TA-65®MD
starting at the 4:00 minute mark:

How is TA-65® made?

TA-65 is a naturally occurring single molecule found in the small molecule from a medicinal plant. T.A. Sciences has developed a proprietary process to refine and purify TA-65. Our process begins with tons of plant material harvested from selected farms in one small region in China. In our plant extraction facility, the raw small molecule from a medicinal plant root is chopped up and refined. After initial extraction, the base ingredient is further purified and then sent to an outside government testing facility where it is tested for purity, heavy metals, and pesticides. The product is then sent to a FDA certified, state-of-the-art, laboratory for final purification that ends up with 90+% pure TA-65.

Why not simply buy a medicinal plant extract
in a health food store?

Medicinal plant extracts can be found in most health food stores, but such products contain little or no TA-65. We tested 4 commonly available medicinal plant extracts and none of them contained any measureable amounts of TA-65 (the test assay is accurate to one part per million). Our proprietary production process starts with 3 tons of plant material and ends up with capsules that we guarantee contain 5mg of TA-65.

End-to-End Quality

T.A. Sciences is committed to ensuring the highest quality from end-to-end of the supply chain, i.e., from the sourcing of T.A. Sciences’ starting raw ingredient in China to the formulation and manufacture of the finished product in the United States. This dedication to quality entails a rigorous testing and analysis program across all phases of supply and production, from start to finish.

Proprietary Process for Extracting Purified TA-65

After more than 3 years of research and development, T.A. Sciences in conjunction with experts in Canada, Hong Kong, and the U.S. has perfected an exclusive method for extracting the naturally-occurring TA-65 molecule from the Astragalus root. We are the first company to isolate TA-65 from the plant. The result of this exclusive, proprietary extraction process is a powder that is over 90% pure TA-65: the potent, Telomerase-Activating molecule*.
Footnote: The Telomerase-Activating potency of TA-65 has been independently proven in rigorous tests by The Geron Corporation.

First, T.A. Sciences harvests plant material from specifically selected farms in one small region in China. They are then sent to our exclusive plant extraction facility where the raw Astragalus root is chopped up and refined. After initial extraction, the base ingredient is further purified and then sent to an outside government testing facility where it is tested for purity, heavy metals, and pesticides. Then this base material is sent to T.A. Sciences’ contracted laboratories in Canada. Each shipment is accompanied by a verified Certificate of Analysis, ensuring the identity and purity of this material. The Canadian laboratory is a modern state-of-the-art facility certified to produce drugs to FDA standards. There the base material is further processed to yield the single TA-65 molecule. After being refined to over 90% purity, each batch goes through a final inspection, using a proprietary, patent-protected assay exclusive to T.A. Sciences.

Formulated and Manufactured in Accordance With Stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

From T.A. Sciences’ labs in Canada, the single molecule TA-65 is sent– again with an authenticated Certificate of Analysis to ensure purity, potency, and quality– to be formulated and produced into capsules by Garden State Nutritionals in the United States. The TA-65 is blended with USP (United States Pharmacopeia) grade excipients and produced according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) for Nutritional Supplements, in Garden State’s state-of-the-art facilities. The GMP practices followed by Garden State are equal to the best practices in the nutritional supplements industry.

she mentions TA-65®MD on Fox & Friends starting at the 4:00 minute mark

Garden State Nutritionals’ Good Manufacturing Practices Certification
from the Natural Products Association
(formerly the National Nutritional Foods Association)
:: view certificate ::

To learn more about USP and GMP, which represent the highest
quality standards in the Nutritional Supplements industry,
click on the following links:

Quality Assured
- What we say on the label is 100% accurate.

We have all heard stories about issues and concerns with the quality–or lack thereof– of some nutritional supplement products and manufacturers, including cases where what is claimed on the label is not always what is in the bottle. By producing under GMP conditions at a facility certified by the Natural Products Association, — plus T.A. Sciences’ comprehensive program of assays and testing throughout the supply chain and production process–T.A. Sciences can assure its clients of the highest level of quality, potency, and purity of TA-65 in each and every capsule. What we say on our label is 100% accurate.

TA Sciences has licensed TA-65 from the Geron Corporation. The telomerase-activating potency of TA-65 has been independantly proven in rigorous tests by Geron . Sierra Sciences, a biotech company specializing in telomere biology, has independently tested and found that TA-65 activates telomerase*.

More Information about TA-65

  • “Telomerase activation in aged or chronically stressed normal cells has been shown to slow or reverse telomere shortening, increase replicative capacity and restore or improve cellular function”Geron Corporation (NDAQ:GERN)
  • TA-65® has been in use since 2005 with not one reported adverse event.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
†Extraction process covered under U.S. patent number 5,985,839
†Manufacturing process covered under US patent 5,618,925. 5,985,839, 6,025,334, 6,383,522